AAF ADDY AWARD WINNING WORK  |  Interior Design, Signage, Installations

I was tasked with designing all installations for the walls in our United States Patent Office in Dallas Texas. This was a very large project consisting of about 30-40 pieces. I was the Director on this project from Ideation to implementation. I did all design work as well as managed budget while working as main contact for vendors. This work got some serious attention nationwide from multiple radio stations and news broadcasts.



Retail, B2B, Brochure

Marinas International was looking to create and sell many properties nationally and needed a way to speak about their properties and amenities. I created a brochure for them to be a voice for their many properties nationwide. The brochure was a large win for them and lead to my team building their web presence as well.



Retail, Catalog, Sports

Teamleader wasn't known for stepping out of their comfort zone and engaging their shoppers with expressive, progressive materials for their high school and college catalogs. That all changed when they chose this layout I did for them as a pitch. For the first time in years they re-shot all their lifestyle and studio shots to fit this more edgy progressive look.



Branding, Logo Design, Print

Here is a look at some of my favorite logos I have created of the years.