Responsive, Social, Events

Cosmo Prof was in need of a digital solution for their worldwide fashion shows. In the past they have relied on very traditional forms of communication to their clients. I created a fresh digital experience for their users. We integrated editable calendars, reminders and social sharing of booked events... This product was a huge success for Cosmo Prof and has become their structure for events to come.



Responsive, Portal, Automation

Coldwell Banker has a very high class publication for homes priced in the tens of millions worldwide. They were looking for a out of the box digital experience for their potential sellers.  I created a portal for realtors to create and choose ad layouts digitally and purchase ad space with a very new and modern UI. The User Experience was flawless, and the product was an extremely huge success for Coldwell Banker.



Responsive, Campaign, Retail

Safeway was looking for a rebranding. As Lead Digital Designer I was tasked with creating a digital campaign supporting their rebrand, using elements from their Traditional campaign. The client was very pleased with the fresh inviting feel of their new digital experience.



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